Cheap Books

I was at the farmers market last week and saw this for 2 dollars. I had read a library copy when it was current and there was a time I would have snapped it up my collection. I passed it up and felt a milestone had been passed. ​However, I get this. I had it …

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Making this Parkinson’s drug is just turtles all the way down

L-DOPA is the best drug we have for Parkinson’s disease, but its molecular mirror image, D-DOPA, causes dangerous side effects. Making L-DOPA without also making D-DOPA is surprisingly hard and requires a specific kind of molecule to pull off. But that specific molecule must be made from a different and equally specific molecule. In this …

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Deadly Dentition

Chomp on this! Three massive pliosaur teeth from the Late Jurassic of the UK. These are among the largest marine reptile teeth I’ve ever examined. The first is a whopping 22.5 cm long and is from a Pliosaurus. The second is from a Liopleurodon and the third is probably also Pliosaurus. The first photo was …

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Soaring Sacs

“The evolutionary story here couldn’t be clearer,” Moore said. “Our data indicate that the SPD only evolves in birds that soar, and did so at least seven times independently across distantly related soaring lineages. So, whether you’re looking at a Western gull, a turkey vulture, a sooty shearwater, a bald eagle, or a brown pelican, …

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Shades of Hemingway.

IMAGE: Photographer, @almcglashan, captures the moment a giant mako shark attacks a blue marlin that was being released boat-side⁠.⁠ Pelagic The Old Man and the Sea relived? William Faulkner’s 1952 Review of The Old Man and the Sea “Time may show it to be the best single piece of any of us.” In the midcentury …

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What goes around, comes around.

This was taken in 2017 at Crescent Beach, Florida. It’s an Osprey with a hard head catfish with a fish. I called it the food chain. Anyway, I will post a mix of new and old. Greg Jowers is with Jay Valentine. More pix under the link.

The Timeless Pursuit

  A dog chases a squirrel carrying a peanut at Ashbridges Bay Park on a sunny day in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on April 15, 2024.  Mert Alper Dervis / Anadolu / Getty Bond together by evolution.