Decadent–or just unclear on the concept?

I have no doubt that eating at El Bulli in Spain could be a fantastic experience, but I’m not sure about the cookbook . A $350 cookbook that is too beautiful to bring into the kitchen? And, to quote Jessica’s Biscuit: “The first book catalogues his work though full-color photos, and you can only find the recipes on the CD”.

THAT’S practical. Never had to deal with sauce on the EMac before…

I don’t take all Amazon reviews too seriously, especially those that can’t spell,but this one raised my eyebrows too: “The recipies are not meant to be for the home cook, but anyone interested in new techniques, this book explains it all. Most of the food isn’t very appealing for the Western pallate [sic]”. And this is a five- star review!

I wonder what John Thorne thinks of all this. Maybe I’ll ask….

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