Got Mud?

From England via Cox News Service: fake mud for your four wheel drive vehicle:

” Maybe your rugged SUV never goes anywhere wilder than the mall, but you can look like a wilderness adventurer with Spray-On Mud.
For owners who don’t want it to look like they’re driving an unnecessary gas-guzzler, a little splash signals that the vehicle spends time tackling the back country.
The product is the brainchild of Colin Dowse, a businessman from Shropshire, England, a village close to the Welsh border.
“Spray-On Mud is an urban camouflage designed to give the impression that you are a serious off-roader,” he said.
Dowse, a Web designer, came up with the idea about a year ago while sharing a few pints with friends at a local pub.
It’s genuine local dirt – strained to remove stones and other debris – mixed with water and a secret ingredient that Dowse says helps it stick to a vehicle’s bodywork.”

Thanks to Bruce douglas. I have a feeling I am going to hear from my hard- core Land Cruiser friends on this….

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