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A wonderful not- quite- new gun blog: Dave Petzal’s “Gun Nut”. Dave is possibly the most literate gun editor I ever (many years ago) worked with, funny, irreverent, and he knows everything– argue with him at your peril.

He is also refershingly anti EVERY idiot. I quote a recent post:

“Let’s look at the Bush bashing first. I bash Bush because:

* President-bashing is an American tradition that goes back to the beginning of our republic. Abraham Lincoln took a worse lacing from the press than any chief executive in our history.
* Bush talks funny.
* Look at his record

“Why, after reading The New York Times, would I bash Bush? Does reading it make you victim to some kind of thought-control process? Since I also bash Hillary every chance I get, is this also caused by The Times ?

“Why would I prefer Al Gore, or that curious object, John Kerry? Does pointing out W’s many and horrific shortcomings automatically make me a supporter of those two goons?

“I’ve been an NRA member since 1964 and a Benefactor Member since 1979, and I’ve been reading The American Rifleman since the 1950s. If we didn’t have the NRA, I would be writing about things other than guns because we wouldn’t have guns, but does all this mean I have to agree with every single thing the NRA says and does?

“And President Bush is always free to bash me if he so chooses.”

A post I have been meaning to link to for a long time is this old one of Tam’s: Why Guns?, in which the Queen of Snark gives us some thoughts on why a person might, practical reasons aside, wish to own guns:

“What do you find so fascinating about those rusty old things?” indeed. What’s not fascinating about them? You can heat the cosmoline out of the stock, but the history is soaked in for good. You can own it, you can hold it, you can learn from it, you can shoot it, and then you can pass it and its story on to the next generation, having added your own small chapter. Until they make a time machine, I’ll just have to keep using the time machines I already have.”

Finally, a video link courtesy of Brad Lord- Leutwyler. Starts like a conventional maiden-in- menace horror movie, but with a twist…

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