Palomas, palombe, palumbus….. a Romanian pigeon site. Because Romanian IS a Romance language.

Someone told me this was “Portuguese”. I went to it and more or less understood a lot, having French and some Latin, Spanish, Italian. But it looked… weird. Then I saw the “ro” in the url….

The “Carunculat”– the pigeon in the home page– looks just like my Spanish Barbs. How old are the Mediterranean- Latin connections?

Perhaps Peculiar can tell us a bit about the language…


  1. Amusingly, one of our roommates Freshman/Sophomore year was trying to learn the language. I believe he got no further than “Give me some sugar, baby.”

  2. Hi! I didn’t check up on you in a week and had some serious reading to do! Just want to let you know that I wrote a review of “Falcon” by our favourite Pluvialis. It’s on my second blog (there’s a link in the sidebar) if you’re interested.

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