Puppy Numbers

How many pups will our Girls have? Steve and Val Kaeppler, fellow NM breeders, found a database based on 2080 saluki litters.

1 pup: 89 litters
2 pups: 104
3 pups: 136
4 pups:197
5 pups:314
6 pups: 419
7 pups358
8 pups: 266
9 pups: 123
10 pups 51
11 pups: 18
12 pups: 4
13 pups: 1

Lash had six lurcher pups so I think this looks pretty rational. Also means a few slots are still open!

It occurrs to me that this is a very doggy day’s posting. In the winter when we want to be hunting all the time I post on & think about writing etc– now, when I am either writing or in the garden, I dream of fall. Go figure!


  1. Sounds like a baby pool, I vote 17 pups. From the three litters of NM salukis born since last fall, that I know about, the numbers went 9, 10, 9, and by applying my version of new math I come up with 17 total for you guys. With 9 dogs and 8 bitches.

  2. That works pretty well for “modern” saluki litter numbers, but primitive/ aboriginal “COO” dogs tend to have slightly smaller litters.

    Still, we’ll try to get at least as many as 17 prospects!

    Any other votes?

  3. I’m putting my money on 12. That sounds like a nice safe number, and leaves you with only 68 dog feet to contend with. Of course there’s no “math” involved in this estimate….just guessing.

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