Matt in the Weeds

I work for a large public University in the American South. It’s easy to learn which, considering I’ve been there ten years, serving most of them as a Web administrator. It’s too hard to hide on the Internet…

I’ll have a new job on campus, effective early next month. It’s in large part a press job, helping bring attention to new discoveries and the research our faculty conduct. I’ll produce a glossy, quarterly publication and assist with others. But there are enough additional duties attached to this position that I expect to be snowed in like a winter at Reid’s house for the next few months.

Moreover, my writing of inflammatory missives on this blog and elsewhere will probably need to stop. Some of my favorite topics are inflammatory, so I know I’ll miss that. But the potential to write myself out of a job, or at very least embarrass my bosses (which may be close to the same thing), will be high. Therefore I plan to lay low.

I’ll still help Steve with image posting and will probably write an obituary for Kato when he finally kicks the bucket. If I don’t do much more than that for a while, now you’ll know why.

Drop me an email sometime—I’ll still be reading!

7 thoughts on “Matt in the Weeds”

  1. Congratulations, Matt! They’re lucky to get as high-quality writer as you are! I hope that it’s fun, that you save up bucks for old age, and that you manage to sneak back in disguise now and then.

    Prairie Mary

  2. Mary many thanks for the encouragement! You know, I hadn’t thought about sneaking back in disguise… very Richard Burton. Maybe the Q. should get another “contributor?”

    I think I just blew my cover.

  3. Good luck!
    Your writing is so fluent and agile, have no doubt yours will still turn up.
    Always a pleasure.
    Querencia is extraordinary place. Thoughts to ponder sometimes for days turn up here. Sometimes too just basic reassurance and encouragement. Always appreciated.

  4. Assume a new identity, but make it an unpronounceable symbol like “The Artist Formally Known as Prince and Now Known as Prince Again” did. Actually, all you have to do is use your initials — if you cannot be found with a simple Google search, no one will find you.


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