Minor miracle

Lest we forget why animals are more amazing than you and me, in general, and why we love to have them around: Witness Kato, my cat since 1986, killer of squirrels, rabbits and birds a plenty; the world’s only (known to me) hawking cat, who followed the hawk and me on numerous hunts in my high school days; who remained steadfast through several of my girlfriends’ departures and my wife’s continuing tenure; who outlived two dogs; who suffered the indignities of my toddlers without biting them; who bit me too many times to mention yet still purrs in my lap.

This ancient cat just jumped three times his own height onto a chair in my den.
From a sitting position.

You go, Kato.


  1. He’s just getting better!!

    I was invited to Matt’s for a weekend of “Falconry 101” and I mentioned that I might bring along a dog……or two. When he emailed and asked if they would mess with the cat, I assured him that they wouldn’t hurt the cat.
    Matt’s quick comeback carried a rather ominous tone. “I’m not worried about the cat!”

    The dogs stayed in their crates 🙂


  2. Heidi that post was for you. 🙂

    Gregg, he is more howl than bite these days, but I’d still give him fair odds against two dogs.

    I should add that Shelly has been keeping the old fellow alive with meds and nightly fluid injections. We figure so long as he doesn’t mind the treatments and can still eat, poop and make it to the sunbeam in the afternoon, we’ll keep at it.

  3. That cat is only 4 years younger than me . . . probably has more hawking experience than me too 🙂

    Matt Reidy

  4. Matt that cat was trotting along on squirrel hunts when you were in kindergarden.


    Of course, Steve was flying redtails before I was born, so I guess age is relative.

  5. everytime I’ve been to your house, you warn me about him but we get along fine, no bites, no errors.
    You probably just taste better than me, must be the age.


  6. I have another applehead sealpoint Siamese… he selected my husband for me, rained terror upon a neighborhood for five years until we moved, and currently chases and beats our Akita around the house for fun. At nine, he hasn’t even got any grey fur yet.

    I’m going to go tell him he’s been outdone if he gives in before 21. That’ll motivate him.

    Cats can go for a long time on fluid treatments… I had one that lived to fifteen. She had the fluid treatments since she was about seven. The ER vets had told us she wouldn’t make it through the week. Fools.

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