Meteor Strike Update

Dr. Valerius Geist has some ideas.

“There may be some thing to this meteor strike. However, the cosmic event did
not get rid of megaherbivores, such as mammoth and mastodons. However, the
short, but severe depletion pf large prey may have eliminated Arctodus
simus, and Miracinonyx. They seem to be gone about 13,000 BP. With Arctodus
gone the continent was open to human colonization. What is so nice: what I
wrote about the peopling of North America in my little book Whitetail Tracks
has now been confirmed. (a) the earliest humans in South America were not
Indian, but primitive Caucasoid-Negroid. (b) the earliest skeletons on the
Pacific coast are indeed Ainu! I also claimed that between 60,000 t0 12,000
BP there would have been thousands upon thousands of attempts to colonize
North America, which all failed. That means that you can expect an odd human
site here and there within that long time span. Well there is now a furor
over a few such sites! This interdisciplinary way of working does work.”

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