Real Hunting…

… and otherwise. On Henry Chappell’s Home Range, he takes us out for a few days of old- fashioned East Texas hunting, fishing, and eating— bream fishing with bait, squirrel hunting with dogs, night hunting for raccoons. This is hunting- gathering as a life. Good pics too!

On the (very) other hand, Dave Petzal, the Gun Nut, has some stories about modern “hunters” that could make you weep. Quoting a guide:

“You people who make videos and TV shows have screwed up a whole generation of hunters. Every time someone buys something they get a free video, and the problem is, they believe them. They come out here expecting to get a 35-inch mule deer in an hour, because that’s what they see on the video. They don’t like to hunt. What they want is a big head dead on the ground, fast, so they can go to the airport and throw their camo in the dumpster and plug in their I-Pod and get back to their computer.”

And then there is what has to be the ultimate “Red State” story: the one about the eleven- year old Alabama kid who killed the thousand- pound feral hog.

I mean: not only is he eleven and from Alabama. He killed his first deer when he was five; he killed the pig with a .50 caliber revolver (I assume the big S & W); he goes to a Christian school; and he is quoted as saying (emphasis mine) “I probably won’t ever kill anything else that big.”

Hilarious. PETA, read and weep!

Update: the whole “Hogzilla II” thing has gone downhill. Patrick has the whole sordid tale: not just exaggerated or a publicity stunt (though apparently both) but a tame pig. Disgusting.

5 thoughts on “Real Hunting…”

  1. 8 times with a .50 caliber revolver? I wonder what sort of ammo he was using; on an animal that big, hollowpoints that knock over white tails might not have sufficient penetration to disrupt the vitals. In such cases, choosing a smaller, faster caliber with bullets that expand less aggressively might be the way to go. It sacrifices wound channel for penetration yes, but if you’re just poking holes in pork, he’s only getting angrier, not deader.

    Of course, we could have the best of both worlds and just up bullet weight and velocity. How about .50 BMG, preferably loaded with armor piercing incendiary rounds.

    A hog that big is terrifying. Just when you think the bloody entelodonts are gone…

    It also occurs to me that an eleven year old who can hold down that kind of pistol is not someone who would lose schoolyard brawls very often.

    -R. A. W.

  2. The kid’s father created a website, Most interesting are the comments, broken down into “positive” and “negative”. Those wonderful PETAites, really show their loving, caring, sharing side in the Negative comments. The father says he doesn’t show the negative comments to the kid. Good idea.


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