Why We Blog II

Well, I guess it’s my turn.

It may sound a little strange, but at least to some extent I blog because I was invited. Though I had read blogs and commented on them for ages, I really had no idea of doing it myself until Steve asked me to post here. Now it’s hard to imagine not blogging. I guess I have always had a faint itch to write, but it was never strong enough to drive me into print the way it did Steve and Matt. Blogging has lowered that barrier to entry and gives me the writing outlet that I always needed and never had. I find it satisfying, especially when a post “clicks” and people want to comment.

After blogging for a while I found that I was sort of pre-adapted for it. I’ve always been something of a data hound and for years I have kept files of newspaper and magazine articles that interested me. Those of you on the receiving end of e-mailed articles I’ve sent know that I’m still at it and that they serve as the basis for lots of posts here. It’s nice to make use of something I had begun to consider an obsessive habit.

One of the things I have come to enjoy about blogging is the way it changes how I look at things. In the past I would encounter issues or articles that I would find mildly interesting, consider them, and pass on. Now I see them and think, “That would make a great post!” That forces me to think more clearly and critically about them and often to do more background research to put a decent post together. That’s a good thing.

As Matt mentioned in his post, the community aspect of blogging is wonderful. It’s a privilege and a joy to collaborate with people as intelligent and wise and funny as Steve and Matt. Also I would never have believed that I would meet so many smart and fascinating people from all over the world who comment here and post on our brother and sister blogs. They are always bringing in ideas I haven’t considered and making connections I would never have made. The first time I log on each day, it’s with a sense of anticipation as I look forward to seeing what’s happened in the neighborhood while I’ve been away.

3 thoughts on “Why We Blog II”

  1. I’m blushing…

    I feel the same about the community, which I never expected, and now would hate to be without it.

    I will blog whenever my ISP, that I call twice a day, allows me to connect for more than a minute at a time. It took three tries to get to comment and may take another to post.

    Meanwhile we ought to consider who to pass this meme on to…

  2. The community…

    I KNOW!

    I generally avoid being a member of any club that will have me. If you know what I mean. but this…I did not expect what I’ve gotten personally from blogging.

    yeah yeah, and the writing’s fun too.

  3. After posting this another aspect of the community occurred to me. Writing takes courage – you take your private thoughts and put them out there for the whole world to shoot spit-wads at. My timidity in this regard is probably another reason I never pushed myself to get anything in print. I think people in our community here all understand that aspect of writing and that’s why they provide the supportive audience that makes it easy not to be chicken.

    And Steve, thanks again for inviting me in!


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