Breeding Like Rabbits?

Trivia: China claims to have cloned the first rabbit from fetal cells (evidently the French cloned a rabbit earlier from adult cells). It should be noted that this is NOT the easiest way to breed rabbits.

I was warming up for a tirade on the evils of cloning. My point was not to be that God opposes cloned animals (in fact He makes some from time to time) but that only one thing could explain the tremendous investment universities, corporations and governments make in these technologies: profit. What good are lifeforms you can patent? Ask Monsanto about their hybrid corn.

But before I laid bare my embarrassing leftist agrarianism or libertarian paranoia (or got myself fired) I read this interesting passage by Barbara Kingslover (writing on writing erotica) that puts the issue in another light:

“We live in a strange land where marketers can display teenage models in the receptive lordotic posture (look it up) to sell jeans or liquor, but the basics of human procreation can’t be discussed in a middle-school science class without sparking parental ire. The same is true of evolution, incedentally, and I think the reason is the same: our traditions deny, for all we’re worth, that we’re in any way connected with the rest of life on earth. We don’t come from it, we’re not part of it, we own it.

“It is deeply threatening to our ideology, at the corporate and theological levels, to admit that we’re constrained by the laws of biology. Sex is the ultimate animal neccesity.”

Here’s a toast to every old fashioned thing! Ah hell, I’m going to get in trouble anyway.

8 thoughts on “Breeding Like Rabbits?”

  1. Good post and true on all points. Before it’s all over we’ll be able to buy Monsanto Chickens with baby aspirins and niacin already inside them and the new FDA charts will be recommending a serving of Monsanto Chicken once a day. At the same time, we will be told teh dangers of eating the Old Chickens “which have e-coli.”

  2. Amusingly, Kingsolver’s quote is now most of the top twenty hits on google for ‘receptive lordotic posture,’ making it hard to look it up as she suggests. :->

  3. I enjoyed the Kingsolver quote, but I think a healthy dose of embarrassing leftist agrarianism mixed with libertarian paranoia would have been far more entertaining – if less prudent on your part.

    Good post!

  4. For Almeda: I sort of figured it was along those lines. 馃檪

    n. pl. lor路do路ses (-sz)
    An abnormal forward curvature of the spine in the lumbar region.

    [Greek lordsis, from lordos, bent backward.]

    lor路dotic (-dtk) adj.

    Patrick and Steve: The Chinese food scare may throw a little wrench in Monsanto’s plans for total food domination. Or maybe not…they can always market “American Made Nutriceuticals.”

    Henry: I talk a good game but don’t have much up my sleeve in the policy department. Best I can do is quote a bunch of Wendell Berry to you. I’m a failure as a revolutionary.

    I appreciate the kudos on the post, though! I should drink more, more often!

  5. When I taught Jim Welch’s novel, “Fool’s Crow,” I had a mother come to object to this obscene book. There is one paragraph in the whole book in which a young man seriously transgresses and he pays for it very dearly. On Friday if the kids’ work was done, I let them play music. This mother’s girl brought a CD on which a ghetto man howled, “Stick your rear out woman! I want me some fun tonight!” “Receptive lordotic posture.”

    Prairie Mary

  6. Cousin, ditto. You got an earful over coffee, huh? 馃檪 Looking forward to finishing out conversation!

    Mary, what a charmer she must have been.



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