Gigantic Spiderweb

A gigantic spiderweb with millions of spiders covers a huge area in a Texas State Park 50 miles east of Dallas. Awesome! RTWT.

New Acquisition

This is a Hano Mana kachina doll. I posted a while back on some Zuni kachina rock art and the role that kachinas play in Pueblo religion. The place where I bought this had it misidentified, but the artist’s inscription on the base that identified him as Hopi-Tewa helped me figure it out with a …

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Brave New World

This you tube video is.. I don’t know if astounding or terrifying is more appropriate. I am thinking about the plain of Eastern Montana above the Missouri Breaks or the hills of Kazakhstan- far northeast Kazakhstan, not wired Almaty. it is all going too fast for me. HT Christina Nealson.

Vicki Hearne

Her new Collected Poems will soon be available. I look forward to reading (and reviewing) them. Was there ever another first- rate poet who also trained animals professionally, had a degree in philosophy (she was at Yale with Howard Bloom) and whose writings still hearten us in our fight against such as PETA? HT Margory …

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Some Original Educational Advice

From Father Joseph Rutler via The Corner. “…I’d encourage your youngest one to abandon kindergarten altogether. Almost everything I learned was learned outside the classroom, and school itself interrupted my education. Moreover, school locks you in with your peers. That is a mistake. One’s social circle should never include one’s equals. From my earliest years …

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From Ryszard Kapuscinski’s Travels with Herodotus: “Man knows, and in the course of years he comes to know it exceedingly well, that memory is weak and fleeting, and if he doesn’t write down what he has learned and experienced, that what he carries within him will perish when he does. That is why it seems …

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Congratulations to Rebecca O’Connor whose falconry memoir, Lift, will be published by Red Hen Press. Several of us are vying for stops on her book tour.

Signs that Fall is Coming

Cottonwood leaves are turning Arrival of Colorado Western Slope peaches. These are from Palisade And it’s time for roasting chiles