Last “Bleg”

Still hoping someone somewhere has an “extra” Goshawk–!!

Facts: no more permits available for NM birds until next year.

Colorado won’t let its birds out. I don’t have a vehicle that would make it to, say, Idaho even if I had no obligations.

I haven’t enough money to buy a breeder’s bird outright (though I’d be prepared to pay installments if there are any chamber birds still around).

I thought of local passage birds of other species but most of my quarry seems to be in at least some pinon- juniper, which makes it hard for Prairie falcons and Ferruginous hawks. Cooper’s are a remote possibility but are spooked by my intimate living quarters , and small for fur especially jacks. It really gets too cold here in December and january for Harrises.

I don’t want a screamer (see”intimate quarters”, or any old pic here) or half- blind WNV survivors, but would consider all other honest offers, and would of course pay shipping (to Albuquerque).

It would save my season. Friends of friends anywhere?

7 thoughts on “Last “Bleg””

  1. Thanks & will check. Have bookmarked your page. Colorado seems a bit anti- falconry!

    You should get in touch with ace merlin flyer Anne Price at the Raptor Education Foundation for Denver contacts– she also is part of our “Russian falconry” crowd. Email for more info.

  2. The Finnish birds were on the second page of raptor sales, top of the page. Posted on 9/24 by a Wayne Lippert. I’d post the link but it just goes to the raptors nest site.

    Anne Price is a good contact. She’s the central director for the Colorado Hawking Club so I’ve emailed her a couple times. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s a way around the 6 month residency law! 🙁

  3. Thanks Isaac. Weirdly, I cannot see any sales listing on that site. I did Google it and it came up as expired but ?? Maybe you could give me his email? (I’d rather start that way). Mine BTW is “ebodio at gilanet dot com”.


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