I saw this Great Horned Owl while driving home from work yesterday afternoon. He (she?) was hanging out on a cottonwood limb waiting to fly out and hunt for breakfast. Connie and I had seen this fellow several times over the last couple of months. These birds are so big they really stick out.

Here’s a closer shot, pretty near the limits of our little point and shoot. I’m sure the Bayou Gulch bottoms where he was located provide good hunting. We had sort of a staring contest for a few minutes. Finally he was sick of it and flew to the next tree where he perched on a limb with his back to me.


  1. Well Isaac if you’re a freak welcome to the freak show! We live on Bayou Hills Road, three miles east of the South Parker Rd – Bayou Gulch Rd intersection. We’re in the phone book, give me a shout sometime

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