Here are some heirloom tomatoes grown by Mr. and Mrs. Peculiar this summer in Colorado. The big ones in particular may have been the best I ever ate.

It occurs to me that I, Libby, and the P’s were all born in cities, Lib and I in big ones, but we were not raised in fear of the natural.

Of course when Libby was a kid her family kept a pig and ducks, (and dogs, and a parrot) in Berkeley. And my father’s family kept chickens and rabbits in Boston.

3 thoughts on “Tomatoes”

  1. Lovely tomatoes! I love the heirlooms, particularly the Rio Grandes and the Cherokee Purples. My last few are ripening in the kitchen, despite the lack of a frost to this point. Basil is about gone, too. Sigh- now to wait until next July for the good stuff again.
    On another note, book or no, dang, talk about a flurry of posting!


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