On The Farm

One of my favorite hawking spots is a neighbor’s hayfield, which he saves for me as long as he can before cutting it or moving the cows in. I’ve been going there often and letting the hawk feed while there’s still something left to eat.

Today, Jonathan Millican joined me and took some photos of the hunt. In this one the quarry has just put in and the hawk is closing. It’s my favorite for the composition, even though Ernie missed this bird.

This one’s for Heidi (note tractor in background…)
The Baywing in pursuit. He looks like a giant red-winged blackbird.

1 thought on “On The Farm”

  1. The first photo is great! That line of round bales separates it in half- tree line and field. The hawk is about to fly right out of the corner.

    And of course, you just knew I’d love that green tractor!

    It looks like a good day out!


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