Work Intrudes

I must apologize for radio silence, as this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since Steve invited me on board here. I am currently in Imperial County, California running a large archaeological survey. Between the Christmas Holidays and all the work involved in getting into the field I really haven’t had any time to devote to it.

I’ve put in a couple of pictures of the project area so you can see what the desert looks like here, a relatively flat expanse with ocotillo, creosote bush, salt bush and other short, sparse vegetation.

This project is a first in a way for me, as about a third of the area is below sea level. I’ve never recorded sites that had “minus” elevations before. This sign is on I-8 where it runs past the project area.

I will be doing some “from the field” posts to tell you about archaeological surveys and about the things we are finding. And we are finding a lot of prehistoric sites here. You wouldn’t think that there would have been so much activity in an area this barren, but there was for reasons I will go into later.

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