Dog walker’s license?

Sorry for this. It’s not safe for work and not good for the kids. But if you want the people of your state to need a license to walk their dogs, this is for you.

Catron County Barbie

Peculiar has called me out on the New Mexico Barbie meme: what is Catron (Cabron, Cartoon) County Barbie like? Catron County is a strange one in our strange state– I have good friends there (next county over from me) who would be unbelievable in fiction. It is high and cold and mountainous, contains a few …

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More Dog Control (and related misunderstandings)

Dog owners in Toronto are no longer allowed to walk bitches in heat or any unaltered males in parks, period, full stop. Canadian saluki breeder Maril Semph sent text from a friend but no link: “Effective February 01 2008 Toronto did ban all intact male dogs and females in season, not just from off-leash dog …

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New Links

Blogging will continue to be a bit light as I am busy, am trying to get outside, and have Chas and Miss M coming tomorrow. But the world keeps producing the fascinating and the maddening… Science fiction giant Arthur Clarke died this week. John Derbyshire has a good quirky remembrance of him here. I think …

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The Virtue of Vices?

From Dan Greenberg at the Chronicle of Higher Education‘s blog “Brainstorm: Lives of the Mind” comes a recent essay on what science ought to be discovering: “We can all think of blockbuster discoveries that we’d like to see coming from science. Cures for terrible diseases would rank very high on the list. So would abundant …

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I am not quite sure what I think about the increasing faddishness of some aspects of the local food thing. I appreciate the effort but there are things that disturb me about this New York Times piece on the “new farmers”. Can you trust anything that begins with the (built- in ironic) lead: “The Carhartts …

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(from Do you ever feel like this? I know I do! Food blogger Mark Bittman apparently has it even worse. Time to go work in the garden. Update: Rod has a more sober take here. (Steve– put in by Matt who knows how to insert cartoons.)

Food Stuff

Acouple of weeks ago there was what blogs tend to call a “kerfuffle” over English food writer Delia Smith’s calling for using canned and other not- so- natural ingerdients. Thye controversy continues. Reader and commentor R Francis directed me to this hilarious article at the Guardian where a panel of chefs eat a dinner based …

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New Mexico Barbies

This is almost too “inside”, both bloggish and totally of New Mexico– but too funny to ignore. Stingray at Atomic Nerds has taken my challenge over at Nature Blog to add a Los Alamos Barbie to the already excellent collection of New Mexico Barbies there. Here is an excerpt. “..Los Alamos Barbie often comes with …

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Art of the Week

When Dan Gauss visited us, he remarked on how much art we have . Often, art becomes invisible through familiarity. Also, we have a lot that doesn’t even get hung- some we can’t afford to frame, others that just don’t fit on the walls of a four- room house. So I am going to start …

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