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When Dan Gauss visited us, he remarked on how much art we have . Often, art becomes invisible through familiarity. Also, we have a lot that doesn’t even get hung- some we can’t afford to frame, others that just don’t fit on the walls of a four- room house. So I am going to start an “art of the week” feature at Q blog– not that it is likely to be that exact.

I’ll start with two pieces of Mongolian folk art. THe first is a common kind, with many figures doing all manner of things. Bawdy sex scenes, felt making, horses, even the supernatural, are all common enough. What is not common is one with the other peoples of Mongolia represented, which is why I got this– it has a Kazakh with eagle and tazi, a Tuvan shaman, and a Christian cross as well as sex, leering horses, snakes, carrion birds, and horse butchery.

Here is the Kazakh:

The other is an amusing modern caricature of a falconer on his horse.

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