Hilarious article from the Guardian by Fraser Lewry, a poor man who had to give up meat for a week, and SUFFERED.

“My head is spinning. I really don’t know how you do it. The fake meat you’re expected to eat tastes nothing like the real thing; restaurants are charging you an arm and a leg to eat produce straight from the garden (although the poisonous toxins that cooking removes are free of charge); your average menu may as well be reduced to a single item; and when you go abroad, Johnny Foreigner lobs chorizo into the salad while you’re not looking. What a life!”


“I’m willing to accept that my life expectancy may be reduced as a result of my decision, what with all the red meat I’m cramming in, but I can live with this. The way I see it, the years I’m going to lose don’t get taken off now, but towards the end of my life when, to be honest, I’ll probably be grateful for the early exit. For one thing, it’ll get all the nagging vegetarians off my case.”

He is also eating his way through the animal kingdom alphabetically. Here is his take on “P”, Python and Pigeon Pie (seriously.) I hope he gets a book out of it. Meanwhile his blog is here.

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