PETA kills chicken course

PETA successfully pressured an upstate New York school to end a well- regarded course in the ecology of food in which willing students raised and slaughtered chickens. It was much like a 4H program but more balanced– vegetarian students were encouraged to address the class, there were lectures on eating less meat, and they were even shown a PETA film!

Not enough for the ninnies. PETA said, under the headline “School Had Been Holding Mass Decapitations of Birds in Classroom”, that “slaughtering” animals fosters a dangerous mindset “that glorifies and even rewards violence.” An activist “met with school officials before Christmas to plead on the birds’ behalf and ask that they be sent to a farm sanctuary.”

The administrators caved, whining “it’s never a happy feeling saying you’re bowing to a public pressure you don’t agree with, and yet we all make those decisions from time to time.” I’d call them spineless but it would be an insult to invertebrates.

Wake up, people– they are everywhere. Some dog breeders I know were thrown out of a seminar for law enforcement in Albuquerque lead by a HSUS activist, on the link between animal abuse and domestic violence. Turns out the sherrif of Bernallilo county, like the mayor, is an AR activist and anti- hunter.

One of the forms of animal abuse cited was “breeding.”

They ARE out to get us– they almost got statewide spay neuter last year. I’m too old to move to Kazakhstan but if this goes on I may have to.

5 thoughts on “PETA kills chicken course”

  1. It’s absolutely crazy, I just can’t get my head around it.

    When read things like this I feel just disapearing into the wilderness with my Salukis never to have anything to do with the so called civilised world again. It really is very depressing.

  2. How pathetic! It’s a shame the principal at this school didn’t have the guts of that Wisconsin principal who told PETA to go to hell when the group demanded the school take down its hunting wall where kids pinned up their hunting pictures. We should be saluting teachers who go so far out of their way to teach students such well-rounded lessons, enabling kids to use critical thinking to reach their own decisions.

  3. Anyone who thinks hunting or slaughtering livestock is ‘violence’ or ‘cruelty’ needs to be strapped down Clockwork Orange style and educated about real violence. I’m sure that the victims of real world violence would be thrilled to know that their experience is equal to how a chicken feels when you chop off it’s head with a sharp machete.

    Heard about the Albuquerque thing on the Pet Law list and frankly, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Hell in a handbasket, full speed ahead.

  4. Part of me thinks it’s just as well, because PETA doesn’t win over any fence-sitters by acting like this. They should be grateful their point of view was shown. But the administration — shameful they should cave to the noise made by a very small minority.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the brave new world where you will be saved from yourselves.

    We have been fighting this type of nonsense for a while now, but the AR groups like PETA and HSUS are upping the ante with more and more spending to drive their political agenda.

    If you do nothing, they win. If your leave for somewhere else, they will already be there. Unfortunately, we are forced to defend that which should not require a defense. Please get involved.


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