Blogger and Boletes

Last weekend we went looking for Boletus edulis in the San Mateos southwest of here.

It was an amazingly bloggish crew– us, MDMNM and Miss A., Mrs. Peculiar who also blogs as The Pumpkin King (Mr. P. is guiding in the Grand Canyon); and non- blogger saluki fan, artist, architect, and polymath Daniela Imre, another Magdalenian. Our core NM blog crew lacked only Labrat and Stingray.

Here we are all taking pix of each other– photos by Daniela.

Mrs P. examines a prospect.

Me cutting a not very good specimen.

Non edulis ‘shrooms.

We saw the odd local very black tassle- eared squirrels,a young melanistic redtail and a ferruginous hawk, and many pronghorn with babies, but only harvested enough for a rissot’. But with the festive case of wine brought by MDMNM, pounds of Trader Joe’s cheese ditto, and Alaska salmon he caught and smoked himself, we had a royal feast and way too much fun. More at Sometimes Far Afield.

2 thoughts on “Blogger and Boletes”

  1. Give us a heads-up in advance, some time to obtain some bottles for our homebrew, and next time we’ll be more than happy to come along and make our contribution to the feast.

    I’ve always wanted to learn mushrooming…


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