Cheetah Girl

Steve writes of our friend Lauren, the falconer, world traveler, writer, old-school adventurer: “After her expedition to the Red Planet, Lauren went on to Savannah World to work with cheetahs. “Real. Hunting. Cheetahs.” More to come, I hope.


I took this picture of this large gray fellow on the ledge next to my front door last weekend. I don’t know much about spider species but I’m sure you can help me out. Good thing I got his picture on Saturday, as I spent Sunday dodging tornadoes. Another great picture here. Alas, I didn’t …

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Iron Loft

Artist and pigeon breeder Graeme Boyd sent these amazing photos of a vault- like loft. When I asked him why it was fortified he responded: “So that thieves would need an angle grinder or suchlike to get into it. It’s a cut-throat business flying pigeons in Edinburgh.” !!

Dog News– Good

No links, but AB 1634, the California Mandatory Spay- Neuter Bill, has been roundly defeated, at least for now. Also just breaking: the AKC will allow basenji breeders to bring in new unregistered stock from its native regions–Northern Congo, Southern Benin, Southwestern Cameroon, and Central Congo, from 2009 to 2013. This is a GOOD precedent …

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Links & Opinions: Miscellany

I am working on two chapters for a new book, but have been searching out new links for your delight or dismay in my off time. Let’s see… Before the usual, congratulations to Rebecca, who is moving with her menagerie to Northern California to take up a high position in Ducks Unlimited. If anyone has …

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A Humane Society

For a guy who claims not to value television, I watch a fair amount of it. It’s a reward and sometime pacifier for my kids and helps my wife wind down after her long days. I frankly enjoy cooking shows, home repair and sci fi. The television is a part of our household and a …

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Natural Cycles

What happens to water after we’re done with it? Is it wasted? My kids want to know because I keep yelling at them to turn off that tap while they brush. But actually, I came to terms with this question a while back, finally deciding that if a hydrological cycle was good for anything, it …

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John Burchard, Sir Terence Clark, some coursing salukis, and a falcon were filmed in a chase by the BBC for the show “Pedigree Dogs Exposed”, showing healthy alternatives to most purebred dogs. Most of their footage (all but a half minute I’m told) ended up cut, but what is left is more than valuable. Patrick …

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