Food Stuff: Omnivory

Both Peculiar and Rod Dreher have linked to “The Omnivore’s Hundred”. Im not sure posting the whole list here wouldn’t knock off too much below, but it is wonderful (not all fancy, not all weird, though plenty of both, from fugu to MacDonald’s.) I scored a respectable 79, but now I have to look for more– I don’t even know what some ARE.

Must get back to work. Meanwhile read the essay Boneless, Skinless, and Bland”, a plea for real food and real life.

“On two warm, sunny afternoons in June, I enjoyed the lowest tide in four years by wandering far from the shore on sandy stretches usually deep underwater. In tide pools, on rocks, and in lengths of sand covered with warm, shallow water, I got close-up views of all sorts of gorgeous marine life: sunstars, sea cucumbers, sea anemones, fish, geoducks, barnacles, starfish, shrimp, and more.

“There were throngs of people out exploring. Near me, a few adults had brought their children, who were whimpering with fear. I thought it was because they were frightened of the sea creatures, but as I got closer, I realized they were upset because they were getting a little dirty. And a little wet.”

RTWT , of course.

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  1. I sometimes take my girls back into civilization after a day out. Cafe hot chocolate, that kind of thing. What always gets me is the reaction you get – from young and old alike. Always a variant of “I’ll bet their Mum will be pleased with you”. I don’t think it’s generational – more like a class/aspiration thing?


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