New Year’s Pic

Last New Year’s at Lee Henderson’s ranch– me with hounds. May your new year be bright.

Happy New Year! (With Eagles)

Blogging will resume at a better level in 2009; in particular, a lot of books to review stacked up to the right of the box, and two holiday meals (Christmas’s bigos, a Polish stew with game and sauerkraut, and today’s cassoulet– still in assembly) to document. To amuse meanwhile: Andrey Kovalenko in Kazakhstan linked me …

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Merry (belated) Christmas, etc.

We are generally opposed to political correct-ness and euphemism here, but I am sympathetic to the notion that Christmas is not for everyone. So: “Happy Holidays,” y’all.

Feeder Friend

It’s taken me a while to get a half-decent shot of this white-breasted nuthatch, who’s a rather skittish fellow.

This is Art

We were all intrigued by this image that accompanied a NYT travel piece raving about current art exhibits in London and what a bargain it is to travel there. This installation at the Saatchi Gallery entitled “Love it! Bite it!” is made entirely of dog chews. As Steve said in an e-mail: “I have this …

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We are way behind on our Blogroll but here are some more you should check out. I first noticed Field Notes from this post on Annie Proulx but it is a consistently good read if you want to keep up on intelligent hunting. A team? Raised by Wolves: strong and informed commentary by a dog …

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Around the Web…

Understated good taste is timeless. HT Tom McIntyre. “It is a well known fact..” That the Virgin Mary was fond of spinach? That being eaten by hyenas doesn’t hurt as much as you think? George Leonard Herter makes the NYT. I am still looking for some titles… Detroit gives a new meaning to rewilding. HT …

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Passage Peregrines

Thanks to Rebecca for sending news from the USFWS on their final decision–a long time coming–to allow a limited take of first-year migrant (a.k.a. in falconry, “passage”) peregrines. From the Service memo: “…American peregrine falcon populations continue to grow in the U.S.,especially in the West. The northern, or Arctic, peregrine falcon was delisted in 1995, …

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Goose Weather

The weather here has broken much colder, it was -19 F here last night, and is finally sending waterfowl down into this region. This picture understates the population of this pond, as I was so late getting in to it that most of the over-nighters were already on their way out to feed. This area …

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Livestock guardian play

Once the New Fork River freezes, we have to move our sheep herd from the south side of a highway to the north side, into a pasture with an artesian well. On Saturday morning, we walked the herd underneath a highway bridge on a narrow trail along the frozen river, and they ended up out …

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