It’s been really cold here in western Wyoming the last few weeks, with temperatures dropping to -20 to -25 degrees most nights. I tend to hibernate in my pajamas when it’s that cold, putting on my Carhartts and going outside only to drive the feed truck every day, then back to the PJs. Of course all the livestock get extra feed when it’s frigid, so they seem no worse for the wear. In fact, they chase the feed truck, jumping, running and bucking, so they are obviously wintering well.

Busy working on manuscripts, even my photography has been neglected of late. But today, things changed. It started snowing during the night, so temperatures warmed up nicely. It was about 6 degrees when I got up at 5 a.m. I had a manuscript to mail, so I showered and put on presentable clothes for the drive to town.

Just outside our fenceline, I saw seven eagles (both balds and goldens) on the ground, surrounding a freshly killed pronghorn antelope buck. Apparently the buck was hit on the highway, but got inside the pasture fence before it went down. When I stopped to watch the goings-on, almost all the eagles flew. Only one brave bird refused to give up the carcass, and for that I’m thankful. It was a pleasure to watch this beautiful bird. Here’s to sharing!

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