Daniela is a Citizen!

Our friend Daniela Imre, whose photos and commentary appear here on occasion, and who owns the father of our pups, became a citizen of the USA today. It was the first time Libby and I had ever attended such a ceremony, and we found it extremely moving. Daniela was born in Israel, is a veteran …

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Hell Freezes Over

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi oppose re-instating the so- called “assault weapon” ban.

On Sale Now

Over a Terrierman’s Daily Dose, Patrick has enlisted Darwin himself to help thumb his nose at the dog show world. Need a tote bag?

“Oldest English Words” Identified

I stumbled across this piece in the BBC website that discusses a computer-enabled mathematical model that analyses the rate of change of words in English and related languages. It appears to be me that this is a new application of glottochronology , a technique that has been around for quite a while. The researchers at …

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Rocky Mountain News, RIP

This isn’t unexpected, but Scripps finally announced they are pulling the plug tomorrow on Colorado’s oldest newspaper, founded 1859. When I first moved here in the 1970s, I much preferred the tabloid Rocky to the Denver Post, but it’s been evident in recent years that the owning chain has been starving the poor girl to …

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Philip Jose Farmer, RIP

This esteemed science fiction writer died yesterday at age 91. I especially enjoyed his “Riverworld” series of novels that featured Sir Richard Francis Burton as a main character. Phil Farmer and I are not related, but when I was in graduate school at CU – Boulder, I remember meeting his step-daughter at a party. How’s …

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Landscaping Crew Discovers Clovis Cache in Boulder

Exciting news – the Denver Post and NY Times picked it up, but the best account comes from this press release issued by the University of Colorado. A cache of 83 lithic tools was discovered by Brant Turney’s landscaping crew while they were working in Patrick Mahaffy’s yard in Boulder last May. Mahaffy contacted the …

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Visit with Good Photos

Our friend Tim came by this weekend. We hadn’t seen him since before he was busy rediscovering the Ivory- billed woodpecker. He is also an accomplished photographer and took a lot of good pix of Casa Q and its surroundings. Here Libby, Ataika, and I walk up the main street. My library. I’m looking at …

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