Visit with Good Photos

Our friend Tim came by this weekend. We hadn’t seen him since before he was busy rediscovering the Ivory- billed woodpecker.

He is also an accomplished photographer and took a lot of good pix of Casa Q and its surroundings. Here Libby, Ataika, and I walk up the main street.

My library. I’m looking at a picture of a barb pigeon in Darwin’s Variations of Animals and Plants Under Domestication. I may do an article on Darwin’s pigeons for the Living Bird.

He also enjoyed a look at my Grant shotgun (I really have to write more about it) and my hounds.

You should read his latest book, a , most unusual autobiography with falconry and travel.

And I hope there won’t be such a stretch until his next visit.


  1. I saw “Falcon Fever” for the first time when I was at The Tattered Cover a few days ago and saw that you had blurbed it for him. I finally read “The Grail Bird” recently and really enjoyed it. As a native Arkansan who used to fish at Bayou De View somehow I feel like I have a proprietary interest in Mr. Gallagher’s pursuit. Maybe you can introduce us sometime

  2. Recognizing your aforementioned pressing commitments, a blog about your Grant (with explanations as to why things are just so) would be great, Steve!

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