I still exist!

Just busy and not feeling “bloggy”, perhaps because I have written a long book review, a feature, tweaked and sent around two proposals, and am into another feature. I am now a contributing editor and regular reviewer at Living Bird magazine, where you can also see my article on Darwin’s pigeons (and even one of mine). I am now working on another, an off- the – wall but serious one about Passenger pigeons. Watch this space and that one!

Also deep in animal training. The Barb- Taita is a sweetie and is coming along well– would be faster if not for damn warm weather. The confused Gyr- Saker still hates the hood but is moving sllooooowwllyyy.

Pup Irbis is magnificent. Warm weather and low jack population hasn’t helped but his littermate, Daniela’s Shunkar, has caught his first– pic later.

I will give a few links in the next couple of posts and try to get some photos up. But I thought I’d better emerge from my hiding places when “Max the Vax” at Life Beyond Falconry” wanted to know if it was mostly Cat’s blog now. All I can say is thank God that Cat has so much interesting material when I am feeling so blogged out! More soon….


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