Lane responded to an earlier post with an inquiry about the Koochee people of Afghanistan, and sounds as interested in that nomadic culture as I am. I don’t really know anything about what is happening to these people now, but there is a great website about Koochee dogs, which are very much part of the Koochee way of life and culture.

Written by Rasaq Quadirie, the site has magnificent photos of the people with their guardian dogs.

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  1. What a fantastic, fascinating website! Thanks Cat! That answers some of the questions I had about the "Kochis"(Koochis). I actually went and ordered the movie "Caravans" from Amazon–I have not seen it in years–good old Anthony Quinn starred as the nomad leader. DO get Michener's book "Caravans" Cat, if you have not already–I'm sure you'd love it.(I also ordered the Afghanistan book and raven book!) I think there is a bit of Nomad in us all…..L.B.


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