Big Sandy country

It’s beautiful fall days like this one that showcase why I love Wyoming.

Fence collisions and sage grouse

Making headlines across the West of late is a two-page preliminary report issued by a Wyoming Game and Fish Department biologist noting that barbed wire fences pose a collision hazard to Greater Sage Grouse. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to meet its court-ordered February deadline to determine if sage grouse should be …

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Amarillo 2009

Happy Thanksgiving All. Just a few pictures from my last-week trip to the Texas Panhandle. Photographs by Eric Edwards and Brian Millsap. Some scenes from hawking cottontails and jackrabbits with the Harris’ hawks: We caught quite a few cottontails and ate most of them. Here’s one that got away:And one that didn’t:Ernie’s first jack, a …

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A Thanksgiving story

Petey was born late, the last of the lambs to be born this year. All the other lambs were older and bigger, and the small babe struggled to stay caught up with the herd – but she did. When she was about two months old, a bear entered the pasture where the herd was grazing …

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Found Object

From the PO floor. I’m not sure what is funnier or sadder– a company that advertises usurious loans to people on welfare, or that it continues the process after it appears to know the subject is dead, even if it can’t spell “deceased.”


Larissa came to visit last week with the Peculiars. We ate and drank and danced at the bar and had fun. We also went to the rifle range. Here is a photo by Mr P of me coaching her with the .45; Mr P rather unkindly called it “Boris and Natasha”. She IS 6’2″. Here …

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Animal update

Irbis is HUGE and still growing. Last year’s problem bird BB (Bad Bird, Bird Brain) is this year’s delight (Big Bird). Now I need a pic of the Barb- Taita “Chicken” (nicknamed for her ferocious rushes at our feet– her real name is Fidget , after Vadim Gorbatov’s Peregrine protagonist).

Decline and Fall

Via Patrick; an English ex- soldier will be sentenced to five years in jail for finding a gun in a trash bin and returning it to the police: “(His lawyer) also showed jurors a leaflet printed by Surrey Police explaining to citizens what they can do at a police station, which included “reporting found firearms”. …

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Old Mines: Abbadon and Gehenna

Two posts from the excellent writer “Nagrom” at Rum and Donuts. The first is an essay on an acquaintance of ours who died exploring one of the old mines in the Magdalena mountains (our mountain range probably has a hundred such– someone with the knowledge could doubtless cross the range underground). The second is a …

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