Winter migrants

Today, Jim and I decided to twist off, driving to Mitch’s restaurant in Farson, Wyoming for breakfast, before hitting one of our favorite feed stores (Southwest Wyoming Wool Warehouse) and the grocery store in Rock Springs. It ‘s an 80-mile trip down to get groceries, but when you know the golden eagles that summer in the north have moved back into western Wyoming for the winter, it’s a trip we love. Here’s our favorite shots from today. The first photo was taken at 65-miles an hour as the eagle watched me photographing its flight from the passenger side of the pickup truck. Click on any photo to see a larger version.

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  1. Cat: thanks for the reminder. Was trying to train my dogs in Thursday's bitter cold and saw a 'giant' raptor up in the bare trees. These pictures remind me that it was probably just a big red-tailed hawk all fluffed out in the weak sun, wondering why an idiot was out in a field with his short-haired dogs.


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