Dear Facebook

Regular readers please forgive– but all posts come up on Facebook under my name, which seems to be causing some confusion…

I do not have a ranch or sheep herd in Wyoming, a grandchild in California, a wife named Connie, or for that matter a husband. Nor do I live in Louisiana and cook gumbo. I am not an archaeologist, and know little about airplanes. If the writing refers to any of these things you are probably reading Cat, Reid, or Matt.

I am Steve Bodio, long of Magdalena NM, born in Boston, writer, married to Libby, (step)father of Jackson (the blogger Peculiar) and his wife Niki of Santa Fe, “owner” of six sighthounds, a senile dachshund, two falcons, and an unknown number of pigeons. I write books, travel in Central Asia, and blog at Stephen Bodio’s Querencia, last word title of my best known book. You can Google them.

I will repeat as needed…

10 thoughts on “Dear Facebook”

  1. I sympathize with you Steve ! – I just got fed up with reading all those applications from "Friends of Friends " who wanted to be my "Friend!- so I ditched the whole Shebang!! – Now I have more time to E Mail real "Friends" !!.

    I also think there is a real Privacy issue growing out there too!!


  2. On our webpage at my workplace, the quote of the week this week is; "In the year 3000, You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge into one useless social networking site called You-Twit-Face"–Conan O'Brien; the Tonight Show; 6-4-09. I think this will occur much sooner; like by next week, actually…….L.B.


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