I have two great personal items to report. First, this will be my last post for a while – I am moving onto my lambing ground for the next few months to stay with the herd and to work on another book. I’m planning for both relaxation and wild adventures. Husband Jim will be monitoring …

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My pygmy neighbor

When not out with the sheep, Rant has been curled up next to the shed the last few days, while Rena has been “guarding” the pipe rabbit habitat, which consists of stacks of fencing supplies and pipe, and miscellaneous equipment. Today when I came around the corner of the shed, I saw a pygmy rabbit …

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Programming Note

I was late getting pictures loaded for Steve on a post he has dated April 23 on items he has for sale – so it just appeared today. Please look three posts down past Cat’s beautiful pictures to see it.

Morning light

I uploaded bigger versions of these photos for those who like to admire early morning light. If you click on a photo, it will take you to a larger view. I am fully aware that few of my photos are technically correct, but hopefully what I lack in expertise, I make up for in subject …

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Wyoming in spring

These images were taken three days in a row this week, showing our changing spring conditions. Jim likes the dawn photo of the sheep on the move, comparing the rams to elephants. Wednesday was a bright, sunny day and I was despairing over our need for moisture. By Thursday, the moisture arrived.

Just out of reach

I was working outside near the house the other day, and saw Rena going across the ranch yard with a piece of pipe. What the heck? Noting her enthusiasm, which later became obsession, I knew something must be in the pipe. Rena was so intent on her task that when Rant came over to find …

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Back Again/ Things to Sell #1

I think I finally got delinked from Facebook– users please tell me if this shows up there! I have some fun & informative things to share but am also trying to install and learn dictation software as though exercise strengthens my body nothing much helps dexterity and typos make me nuts! So first, a few …

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Checking on the sheep herd in the pickup truck today, I drove near our currently vacant osprey nesting platform, which was installed by the power company in response to several fried birds and numerous power outages. I used the opportunity to shut off the motor and and read a first-draft manuscript aloud to Rena the …

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Reviewers needed

My next nonfiction children’s book will be released this fall, so my publishing house is currently preparing the marketing plan. The book is about pronghorn antelope, and the photographer is my talented friend Mark Gocke. This is my first nature title for kids (my other books are about agriculture). If you’re a blogger or writer …

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Meeting a mouse

It began innocently enough – Luv’s Girl (all white female Akbash) found a mouse and took it to Rant (male Aziat) and turned it loose.Rant was appalled. What the heck was that tiny thing that appeared to be about to attack him!?!Was it scary? Well it might be scary!To make it stop, put your foot …

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