Back Again/ Things to Sell #1

I think I finally got delinked from Facebook– users please tell me if this shows up there!

I have some fun & informative things to share but am also trying to install and learn dictation software as though exercise strengthens my body nothing much helps dexterity and typos make me nuts!

So first, a few things to sell, most not for EBAY. First, a Jay Fisher knife.

I have no idea of the actual worth as he is NOT user- friendly– he explicately states he does not answer questions except about new commissions and hasn’t answered mine, which was given to me by a friend who had quarreled with him. This is a fixed blade 2 1/2 inch– his fixed blades start at $600, and I believe this went for about $800 more than ten years back. New in sheath, $450 firm.

Second, a beautiful 65 pound pull Grozer recurve Mongol type bow. The draw weight was already bothering my arthritis and is impossible now. It is fancier and has more details than the ones on his site– ten years old or so, used only for targets. His bows go about $500 now– $500 for this with many more bells and whistles, including a quiver.

I also have a Panasonic Lumix DMC- FZ50 digital camera, new in the box with all software etc (save for the lens shield which is inexplicably missing but cheap– just a ring of plastic). $250 at EBay but $200 for readers here. I need to get something less “fiddly” for my hands ( I like my brother in law’s Nikon P90 but must sell the other first!)

Last, all my remaining fly fishing stuff– two spey rods, one by Winston and one built for Russell Chatham; a cane rod owned by famed editor Angus Cameron (Jack O’Connor’s editor and the author of the LL Bean cookbook); a Sage travel rod and a little hardy Perfect (and a few less fancy reels) will soon be at Jim Adams’ Adams Angling in Berkeley– 510-849-1324. Please don’t call him yet because I must get the $$ to mail and insure them first, and I need him to evaluate them. A week or two, no more…

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