Just out of reach

I was working outside near the house the other day, and saw Rena going across the ranch yard with a piece of pipe. What the heck? Noting her enthusiasm, which later became obsession, I knew something must be in the pipe.

Rena was so intent on her task that when Rant came over to find out what was going on, she wanted no distraction, carrying her pipe, with its victim inside, around the yard and away from meddlers.

I finally looked in the pipe and saw a cottontail rabbit firmly wedged in the middle, refusing to be dumped out either end. Rena gave up on getting her bunny to exit, but laid down to “guard” her pipe. After a few hours, husband Jim removed the dog, and placed one end of the pipe under a ranch drag, so the victim could escape without attracting notice. I was relieved to check the pipe and find it empty yesterday morning.

5 thoughts on “Just out of reach”

  1. I've seen quite a few pipe rabbits flown by redtails, Harris' hawks, and goshawks at field meets. A bystander would reasonably assume this to be an unsporting proposition, but it's surprising how frequently the rabbit gets away.


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