Checking on the sheep herd in the pickup truck today, I drove near our currently vacant osprey nesting platform, which was installed by the power company in response to several fried birds and numerous power outages. I used the opportunity to shut off the motor and and read a first-draft manuscript aloud to Rena the guardian dog. Things were going well, with Rena listening attentively, when the osprey pair returned. The camera was on the dash, so I got a few images. Obviously, the birds were traumatized by my presence.


  1. I *think* I saw an osprey fly over our place just the other day. The sun was in my eyes so I couldn't be sure – but I don't know what other raptor here would be that bright white when seen from below.

  2. I have fond memories of watching Osprey fish to feed their young. Please keep us informed if this nest is successful.

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