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A photo taken on top of the hill in Shutesbury Mass, ca 1974, of me with my redtail tiercel Cinnamon (still one of the best gamehawks I ever had and oddly, like one of the more recent best birds, stolen after years with me), and a friend who is holding my intact rather huge albino male ferret JL. Quite a team when cottontails took to groundhog burrows; we once took eight rabbits with them in one day (in an industrial wasteland). My only excuse for such greed is that there must have been fifty left, and that in those days game was my only meat, even more so than today. I am now looking for that pic.

Thanks to constant reader Lane Batot for making me think about ferrets again.

Oh and: please keep hair remarks to a bearable minimum. Please.

Update: I have found a photo with rabbits– I’ll scan and post later.


  1. Actually, you look like Jim Morrison (snakeskin trousers, just out of frame?), and your friend like Manzarek. As mid-70s looks went, yours was nothing to wince at! Thanks for a great blog, and even better books–
    Malcolm Brooks

  2. Thanks Malcolm– always good to hear from someone who knows the books.

    I never saw or thought about the Morrison thing but many do. This was years after his death and I never thought of him as a model.I think it is more genetic– my black Irish- Scot side…

  3. My dad, who is a good bit older than you, had hair like that in the 70s, too; it was the style (but at least you guys didn't do the crazy sideburns). He doesn't wince when he sees photos from that time but rather wishes he'd kept some of that hair for later…

  4. I'm not about to comment on the hair, as my own thatch is in the process of transformation–rather like a snowshoe hare or ermine weasel in the Autumn at this point….But hey! This made for a GREAT post! I think I speak for many of the readers out there when I suggest you make more trips back into the "Bodio Archives"!!!!….L.B.

  5. What forced me to comment was not the hair (it looks great!) but a sudden realisation that it's been 36 years since 1974. Where does the time *go*?

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