Commonplace Book

From the Essays of Montaigne:

“The men who serve us do so more cheaply than our falcons, our horses or our hounds, and they are less carefully looked after…what menial tasks will we not bow down to for the convenience of these animals! The most abject slaves, it seems to me, will not willingly do for their masters what princes are proud to do for such creatures. When Diogenes saw his parents striving to purchase his freedom he exclaimed: ‘They must be fools; my master looks after me and feeds me; he is my servant!’ So too those that keep animals can be said to serve them, not be served by them”.


  1. If anyone from another planet came down, saw one animal walking along the street and another pursuing it, scooping up its [feces] they would have no doubt who was the master and who the pet.

  2. How true, yet I find that I distinguish between pet people and dog people. The pet person is constantly trying to please their dog while the dog person knows what to do, to attend to the dog's needs.

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