Tree Dogs!

Meanwhile Teddy Moritz’s dogs are climbing tall trees in pursuit of squirrels with their avian partners– that is a dachshund up there, not a Harris hawk! And she tells me he had gotten all the way to the end and was returning…

Falconry: News & Pix

Paul has suggested I take back and fly my sweet Barb Taita female, the mini- shahin Cheetah (formerly Chicken as in Chicken Little), while he takes up Ms Mean Girl and attempts duck. We are both happy, as our respective quarry better fits the recent switch. One “trouble” with red shahin types is that they …

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Spiked collars

We’re going to experiment with a variety of spiked collars on our livestock protection dogs, but these leather collars we had made locally are a good start in protecting dogs during a wolf attack. We saw various versions of the leather collars used in Spain. For livestock producers who want to give them a try, …

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Found items from hawking trips this year, both apropos of their settings: the first, a mesquite limb from a desert pasture north of Amarillo TX and the second a cypress knee from a bayou in the heart of Cajun Louisiana. Can you guess what spirits they possess? – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Quote of the Day

“I call it dogwatching, just like birdwatching for some. We all are dogwatchers, no matter, hunting, or not.” (Vladimir Beregovoy, emeritus dogwatcher, in our Asia Group)


From Teddy Moritz: Garmin, a young longhair dachs, working rabbits with an experienced Harris on crusted snow. Good birds make good dogs and vice versa. And: I need a Harris, at last.

MANY links

Unseasonal cold weather (down to nearly – 30 or as people are suddenly all saying “NEGATIVE” 30 F at night) has curtailed outdoor activity but there have been everything from house emergencies to deadlines to unexpected trips to Santa Fe, all taking their toll on the blog. I hope regular service can resume– I have …

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Dog wrestling

No the man is not about to be eaten by the dog! That’s our Aziat Rant, giving husband Jim a love tap while they were wrestling around on the ground after we fed the sheep today. A look at the muscling in his front legs demonstrates why these dogs are famous as wolf wrestlers. Rant …

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