Jackson Hole– more photos

Wyoming photos from long time friends Matt Wells and Tina Cole (they variously are or were teachers, Outward Bound, and guides, as well as parents of a fine son; Matt was a commercial fisherman and a Mongolia hand, and Tina was the one who suggested to Russ Chatham that he hire Lib to cater the Sun Valley Library fund raiser that I was dragged off to sign books at in ’92, thank God).

High Society at Lib’s “reunion” party– me , YC, and a gawker (as always, click to enlarge):

The worker bees– 565 tamales!

Apres wedding– Tina, Me Lib, Matt.

2 thoughts on “Jackson Hole– more photos”

  1. Yes. That is how we met– and I didn't know my photo was there.

    Weird coincidence chains that week– meeting my future wife, who would turn out to have old "familial" connections with Betsy's family in China (Libby's mother and Betsy's oldest sister born in rural China a week apart and raised together); staying at the house of someone who turned out to have… still other Huntington connections…

    Then, calling home to find that Fran Hamerstrom (Boston- born writer- scientist- falconer- Aldo Leopold protegee, in her 80's at the time) had appeared a week early on her way to Mexico and was staying at my house awaiting my return, drinking Spanish brandy with the cowboys at the Spur and editing the ms on my desk…

    Knowing she and my hostess were both originally from Beacon Hill, I put them on the phone to find they had inhabited adjoining houses on Louisburg Square, albeit forty years or so apart.

    Obsessive Q readers may remember Fran's family estate in Milton, Mass, became my very weird private Catholic school, Jeanne d'Arc Academy, and we both collected our first zoological specimens there.

    Might be a post here or even a part of a memoir if I can preserve privacy and readers can suspend disbelief-!


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