Cat had me out on the mesas looking at natural and local history. I saw any number of golden eagles and literally hundreds of antelope– I thought I lived in antelope country– but the p & s made the raptors into dots and only this antelope, one of several bucks who stood his ground, was even worth reproducing,

Typical country: basin of the Sweetwater (or is it the Big Sandy?? I need a map!)– but definitely looking east to the Wind Rivers…

Old but well built and still used watering trough for sheep. Note how it is too narrow for for cow muzzles.

Antelope skull- we brought it back on the plane. Mark insisted on calling it our (nudge nudge) “carryon”.

5 thoughts on “Sagebrush”

  1. Steve – It looks like you had a good trip. I am sorry we couldn't make it up there too – too much work going on for us right now. I also have a pronghorn skull thst has moved with us for the last 30 years. It used to sit on a shelf in my office and my co-workers could not figure out what it was. I never tried to carry it onto a plane though! We have a small herd near our house that we see fairly often. They remind of field days in Wyoming.


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