Mongolia Bad?

More Boston. A good person- but she did not approve of my encouraging a young woman to go to Mongolia,and I am not sure I ever convinced her…VERY grumpy. Two deadlines down and a big one still to go. I need a weight machine; more, to GET OUT. But duty calls…

Q o’ D

(On racing and boxing, grumpy): “Riding horses to exhaustion and punching each other in the face under agreed rules are worthwhile and manly pastimes, far better pedigreed and infinitely more exciting than hitting balls with sticks, tossing leather bags across a field, or chasing a puck around on ice.” John Derbyshire


From the always reliable XKCD, via Jonathan who just emailed that he was in Nairobi impatiently waiting to go out in the bush. We should all be so lucky as to have THAT cause for impatience!

A Few Links

I have been neglecting my blog family. Check the sidebar for new additions to the blogroll- Border Wars, and my neighbor (forty miles on dirt roads) Morgan Atwood at Rum & Donuts, who has abandoned his pseudonym “Nagrom”. Also, LoARSqred, partner of MDMNM of Sometimes Far Afield, has moved with him to Small City NM …

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Malcolm Appleby

Malcolm Appleby, the engraver and metalsmith who engraves guns as animals and canvases for his fantasies as well as an amazing array of other things– objects, drawings, and more— is probably best known for his Raven Gun in the Tower of London, though I wish they would display it better, not in a dark inaccessible …

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Mongolian Art

Just for fun– the cover of a small Mongolian pb treatise on Eagle Hunting (in Mongolian– can’t read a word of it) that I found as I dug deeper into the library.. Sure, it is sort of Soviet- influenced I suppose, but its bold vivid block print style is still striking.


Here is the 1987 (see ref to Betsy’s death) letter from “James Bond’s Armourer” praising the Model 12 that I promised last night– click to enlarge, twice if needed. Also notice that handguns were still legal in England then…