Malcolm Appleby

Malcolm Appleby, the engraver and metalsmith who engraves guns as animals and canvases for his fantasies as well as an amazing array of other things– objects, drawings, and more— is probably best known for his Raven Gun in the Tower of London, though I wish they would display it better, not in a dark inaccessible corner as it was the last time I saw it. Here is my scan of a brochure showing it– sorry for any lapse in quality between pamphlet and scan.

After Betsy died in ’86, he made me a wonderful belt buckle of old Damascus washed in silver and gold, a “bird of prey with a heart”. (Click to enlarge).

A visiting member of our blog tribe– will link when he gives permission, as many of us prefer to remain anonymous or at least pseudonymous– took these photos of it backed by Doug Tate’s excellent text on Appleby in his book on English master engravers, British Gun Engraving, and by photos of the Raven and Crocodile guns (does anyone know if he ever did the promised “Merlin”– falcon– gun? I have lost touch).

Brochure from the Royal Armouries; first buckle photo Daniela Imre; second two R. A. W. .

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