And Still More Shelves

It occurred to me after Steve posted his bookshelf pictures that we had done something similar about four years ago. I thought of a slightly different angle – I’ll post pictures of some of our cookbooks (and other food-related books) that we keep in shelves in the back hall near the kitchen. You can see this one is sort of heavy on New Orleans and Cajun. I still think The New Orleans Restaurant Cookbook is unsurpassed.

A lot of Junior League cookbooks here, and one of my faves The Silver Spoon. Connie has a recipe in the Colorado Cache Cookbook. That’s Verde the Birdie our Gambel’s Quail doll on the left.

Can you tell Connie’s inspired by Julia Child? When we lived in Santa Barbara we used to see her occasionally at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. One of our colleagues at work was a friend of hers and he had her sign all of Connie’s books.

Well now you know about some of our food preoccupations. You know Steve, for years now I’ve been convinced that you and Libby should do a cookbook.

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