“But it doesn’t snow in the southwest!”

Actually said to me a few years ago by a New Jersey Nuevo, in July. As the property he bought was on a dirt road at 7500 feet in Catron county, where the winters can be positively Montanan, I knew he was in for a surprise…

The illusion remains. I was idly watching morning TV the other day as I worked out on a treadmill at a neighbor’s house (just got my own, where I can READ, better for my brain) when the dizzy network blonde protested as she watched an ongoing blizzard in cold Flagstaff: “But isn’t it, like, perpetual summer there?”

Like, well, no. But we have been in the depths of a long drought and the last eighteen months before it broke were particularly bad. Now we seem to have returned to the old (pre- 1988) order of weekly snow, cause for rejoicing.

That said, it can get damn cold in an ancient rock house. We are properly grateful once again for the Vermont Castings wood stove from Paul Domski (seen recently below flying his Gos), and a good load of wood from Mac Leyba. (A stack of wood is so mentally and esthetically comforting I always take photos!)

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  1. The only things better than a high stack of firewood are dogfood bins full to the brim, and and a refridgerator so crammed full, stuff falls out every time you open the door!….l.b.

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