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I just saw this article that gives some jokes and riddles found written in Akkadian on 3,500 year-old cunieform tablets. I felt obligated to post this, but they’re awfully lame. Makes you wonder what stand-up comedy was like in ancient Mesopotamia.

You know you live in a rural state when your largest newspaper has an investigative piece on a goat-doping scandal at the state fair.

This LA Times article on a heroin-filled burrito used in a police sting operation led me to speculate: what would Taco Bell call this dish if it was on their menu?

Heard this piece on NPR this morning on Mexican sotol distillers who are trying to sell their products in the US liquor market. Can designer moonshine be far behind?

Also heard about this one on the way to work this morning – scientists at the University of Colorado believe that the Little Ice Age was triggered by a series of large volcanic eruptions. I’ll reserve judgement until I can read more about this.

Please read about the vitally important research conducted by The Beer Archaeologist. I circulated this to some colleagues in the profession and got replies like: “I want that job!” and “Experimental archaeology my arse! McGovern’s always reminded me of a friend who figured out how to go fishing and get an MA out of it.” Well, all I can say is beer studies weren’t part of the official curriculum when I went to graduate school.

3- Wheel Morgan

I always thought the Morgan sports car was the most elegant ever made, comparable to a London best hammer pigeon gun in esthetics.

(My other favorites are the ’57 Chevy and the Citroen Traction Avant– but remember, I also love Winchester Model 12 pumps and Darnes).

So how could I not be delighted when I found out that Morgan was bringing out this retro 3- wheeler. Is it a car or a motorcycle? Who cares!

Website here. Review here.

Battle Rugs & Endless Connections

I have posted a pic of my Soviet- war era Afghan battle rug before. It is a prized possession, drenched in haunted history and metaphorical blood. I got it from fellow fly fisher and double gun nut (and fine artist and rug fancier) Michael Simon, then of Livingston Montana.

Daniela, who, like many of us who are saluki and hawk people, also likes textiles, recently found this site devoted to “war rugs” and their sometimes sinister history.

This prompted me to go in search of Michael, and I was gratified to see that he is doing very well indeed. LL Bean Covers!

Back in the day, he took photos of the local literati to adorn the walls of the local bar in Livingston, and tied flies for each. Some were outrageous, but ours, the “Goshawk & Claret”, was elegant. Will photo soon. But here we were, in 1999:

Where I come from…

My sister Karen just sent this irresistible map of Massachusetts (as always click to embiggen):

I wrote back: “…outside of Boston proper I have lived in Pilgrims, Republicans, and on the border of Hippies & Trees. Hmmm…”

Of course, I was born in “Murders & Stuff”, and the Bodios’ New World roots, so to speak, are in the abandoned, flooded granite quarries of East Insignificant (“Lotsa dead Bodios under that water” said one ancient to me in about 1956, giving me a week of bad dreams). And McCabes come from northeast of Witches…

I become a YouTube Star!?

Well, of the UNM Clinical Neuroscience Center video anyway. Or maybe Taik or the slightly recalcitrant Chicken are…

We are on in the beginning and I after seven minutes but, especially if you live in NM, you should watch the whole thing. Anyway a rare possibility to see some familiar faces & places in motion.

Many thanks as always to Dr Sarah Pirio Richardson in particular, and to the UNM Center; and to filmmaker John Arnold, who can film my extended family any time.

Tazi Stamp & Desert Windhounds Reboot

Jess of Desert Windhounds, the forthright defender of genetic diversity and our right to breed the dogs that please us, is back, under the equally forthright title of Bitter CynoAnarchist* here, still fighting the good fight (I may steal one of her images to pontificate on later).

She also had some nice pics of tazis on Kazakh stamps (scroll down) but did not I think know that the first was Andrey Kovalenko’s Berkut, father of my Kyran and therefore grandfather to many New Mexican dogs.

From top: Kyran stamps; tazis- with- eagles stamp; Berkut & Andrey; Kyran.

*My rancher friend Lee Henderson used to call himself “A Bitter Man with a Bad Attitude”. Always wanted to steal it for a blog…

SAA Symposium

The Society for American Archaeology has released its preliminary program for the annual meeting to be held in Memphis in April. You can look at a copy here if you are interested.

While reviewing it a few days ago, I saw this symposium that I thought would be of interest to the dog enthusiasts who hang out here.


Organizers: Angela Perri & Jeremy Koster

Chairs: Jeremy Koster & Angela Perri

Participants: Greger Larson; Chris Widga,
Stacey Lengyel and Michael Wiant; Emmett
Brown; Angela Perri; Vladimir I. Bazaliiskii,
Robert Losey, Mietje Germonpre, Mikhail
Sablin and Sandra Garvie-Lok; Cleia Detry,
João Luís Cardoso, Catarina Ginja,
Catherine Hanni and Ana Elisabete Pires;
Catherine F. West and Torben Rick; Michael
MacKinnon; Pam J. Crabtree; Peter W.
Stahl; Jeremy Koster and Kenneth
Tankersley; Dave Schmitt and Karen Lupo;
Jacqui A. Mulville and Paul Evans

We’ll know more about content once the abstracts for these papers are released in another month or so. I’ll try to put up a link to the abstracts once that happens.

I’m presenting a paper at the meetings later in the week on some California work we’ve done that I posted about here last month. I plan on attending this dog symposium.