I become a YouTube Star!?

Well, of the UNM Clinical Neuroscience Center video anyway. Or maybe Taik or the slightly recalcitrant Chicken are…

We are on in the beginning and I after seven minutes but, especially if you live in NM, you should watch the whole thing. Anyway a rare possibility to see some familiar faces & places in motion.

Many thanks as always to Dr Sarah Pirio Richardson in particular, and to the UNM Center; and to filmmaker John Arnold, who can film my extended family any time.


  1. Hi Steve

    Good to see you looking so well.
    A sensitive piece – best of luck with future progress from all here in UK – we are gunning for you


  2. So glad you are portrayed so well and lookin' good I must say. Gives me confidence there is hope for the future…

  3. Careful, that intro makes Magdalena look almost like a bucolic, civilized place where one might start a retiree art colony. You should have taken them to the back yard!

  4. Great video. Now that I've heard your voice, I am able to channel it through and into my reading of Good Guns, which is by the way, a Good Book.

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