SAA Symposium

The Society for American Archaeology has released its preliminary program for the annual meeting to be held in Memphis in April. You can look at a copy here if you are interested.

While reviewing it a few days ago, I saw this symposium that I thought would be of interest to the dog enthusiasts who hang out here.


Organizers: Angela Perri & Jeremy Koster

Chairs: Jeremy Koster & Angela Perri

Participants: Greger Larson; Chris Widga,
Stacey Lengyel and Michael Wiant; Emmett
Brown; Angela Perri; Vladimir I. Bazaliiskii,
Robert Losey, Mietje Germonpre, Mikhail
Sablin and Sandra Garvie-Lok; Cleia Detry,
João Luís Cardoso, Catarina Ginja,
Catherine Hanni and Ana Elisabete Pires;
Catherine F. West and Torben Rick; Michael
MacKinnon; Pam J. Crabtree; Peter W.
Stahl; Jeremy Koster and Kenneth
Tankersley; Dave Schmitt and Karen Lupo;
Jacqui A. Mulville and Paul Evans

We’ll know more about content once the abstracts for these papers are released in another month or so. I’ll try to put up a link to the abstracts once that happens.

I’m presenting a paper at the meetings later in the week on some California work we’ve done that I posted about here last month. I plan on attending this dog symposium.


  1. No science journalists? Too bad.

    The one thing that I have discovered is that "expert" dog trainers are even more vicious toward each other than are archaeologists.

    Therefore, a panel involving both dogs and archaeology could have the potential for producing enough fallout to make the surrounding area inhabitable for months — if only a critical mass of dog experts would attend.

  2. Knowing how nasty archaeologists are to each other that sounds like it could be a toxic situation, Chas.

    The only thing is, archaeologists are so lousy at presenting their papers, any dog trainers present would fall asleep from boredom before they could cause any damage

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